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Northern Alfa Performance Service


We are dedicated to providing you with great and friendly service at a price you can afford. We can service all Alfa Romeo Fiat and Abarth models, even the ones still under manufacturer's warranty, but at a fraction of the cost!! We use genuine parts as well as lubricants to keep your pride and joy in the best condition. This has become more crucial with the advent of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), these need the latest C3 low ash oils to protect against blockage. We can also arrange MOT's and bodywork so you only need to make the one trip.


Cambelts, Cambelts, Cambelts!


Its VERY important that all cambelts are changed on any vehicle at the recommended interval, but Alfa's and Fiats need that extra bit of care. We believe that all movable parts should be changed during this process, to ensure maximum reliability. We use genuine belts, tensioners, idlers, variators, water pumps and the latest setting tools and dial gauges to get the timing correct.

Please call for a competitive quote.


Classics and Performance



Our servicing is not just limited to modern vehicles. Classic cars are also in our repertoire, from simple service work, to engine and transmission rebulids. We can also offer upgrades such as 105 series suspension packages, brake modifications, exhaust and engine alterations.

We cater for other makes of performance car, please ring for more details.